Women Who Smoke Like Men Die Like Men: The Difference is Why They Start and How They Stop

Smoking is a serious addiction. The author of a recently published scientific study states “women who smoke like men, die like men”. What does this mean? It means if women start smoking and continue to smoke past 40, their risk of dying from a tobacco related illness is much like men and as high as 50%! Why people start smoking and how they stop is where the gender differences come in. More teenage girls than boys smoke cigarettes. Teen girls who start smoking list peer pressure and curiosity as primary reasons to start smoking. I tried smoking at age 12 because my cousin wanted me to. 3 puffs later and I didn’t think smoking was that big a deal. Boys tend to start smoking because it makes them feel independent and more vigorous. Women are more likely to be influenced by peers, family and [...] Read more

Is Your Headache Medication Causing Your Headaches?

Of the 45 million people who experience chronic headaches the vast majority are women between the ages of 20 and 45 years old, often juggling a young family, job and other commitments. There are various types of headaches -- migraine, sinus, tension, stress, cluster, and rebound headaches. Headache triggers include stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and types of food such as chocolate, red wine, aged cheeses. Headache sufferers self-medicate to get rid of the pain and continue to function. Taking a couple aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Excedrin becomes a habit. Did you know that frequent treatment of headaches with over-the-counter and even prescriptionpain medicine can trigger an analgesic rebound or “medication overuseheadache”? With rebound headaches, once you take medication to relieve the [...] Read more

Medications: Male Vs. Female

Let’s take a moment and imagine that every medicine women take was only studied in males–male animals in the lab, human males in clinical trials and approved marketed and prescribed for men AND women. Let’s take that one step further and imagine that your doctor said Mrs. Smith I’m prescribing this medicine to you because except for your breasts, uterus and ovaries everything in your body is exactly like a man’s. Even though the medicine I have prescribed was only studied in males it doesn’t really make a difference. You might think the doctor was joking around. Maybe he didn’t realize his sense of humor was not that funny. So he writes you the prescription and when you get to the pharmacy, what the doctor said was still bugging you. You ask the pharmacist, “Hey, does this medicine work [...] Read more