Serving Sizes

What is it about serving sizes? We have supersized ourselves to well…..supersize! I bought frozen chocolate-dipped custard treats; which sounds worse than it appearedwhen I first spied them in the freezer section. I looked at “serving size”-- it was 6 frozen custard treats, each the size of a golf ball, at a total of 360 calories. Many of us could just eat 1 as a treat. Can you imagine the boxes of these that would fly off the shelves if “1 SERVING 60 CALORIES” was plastered across the front of the box? The issue here is serving size – if 6 chocolate-dipped custard treats is a serving size then it convinces the person that eating 6 is okay. Let’s look when nutritional information goes the other way - Pop-tarts ®. 1 Pop-tart® is 200 calories and is listed as a serving size of Pop-tarts ®. [...] Read more