Men, Death and High Risk Behavior

Although the BMJ article we mentioned last week is somewhat tongue–in-cheek it does emphasize to some extent what mortality data tell us - men are more likely to participate in high risk and/or impulsive behavior and are likely to die as a result. Case in point following types of death, while not all incurred from high risk behavior, are nevertheless more likely associate with high risk behavior speed, impulsivity, unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol. Men outpace women in most instances by a wide margin. (Source: Visit this site and you will see data broken down by gender, decade and ethnicity. This data hold a host of implications for how we approach public health education prevention programs in both children and [...] Read more

According to Research: Men Are Idiots and Idiots Do Stupid Things

Fans of the Big Bang Theory, of which I am one, will appreciate this post. Research published in the prestigious British Medical Journal indicates men are more likely to exhibit idiotic behavior. In the article the authors discuss the Darwin Awards which are awarded to individuals when “their action ensures the long-term survival of the species by selectively allowing one less idiot to survive”. Ouch! Of the 318 individual Darwin awardees honored to date 282 (88.7%) were men leaving just 36 (11.3%) to women! In the article the authors recommended the validation of a male idiot theory or (MIT get it MIT….these scientists and their humor) in future research work. According to the above mentioned MIT many of the differences in risk seeking behavior, emergency department admissions, and [...] Read more

Sex: The Secret to Regaining Your Mojo

One of the most common sexual health concerns from women is the lack of sex drive. In fact, the majority of women report that their partner’s sex drive is higher. This imbalance ultimately causes stress in the relationship. One of my favorite quotes, is “when sex is going well, it is 20% of the relationship”. When it is not going well it is 80%”. (If you know who said this let me know @mjenkinsmd) The solution lies in the fact that there are two parts to sexual desire. There is sex drive, which is the reflexive physical desire to have sex, triggering a physical arousal such as an erection, nipples hardening, and pupils dilating. Second, is the more elusive, sexual motivation. It is not enough to have only sex drive; we also need the emotional and psychological motivation to actually have a [...] Read more