Blood Pressure Up?

High blood pressure is a silent killer. Let’s face it. In today’s world there are a lot of things that make our blood pressure jack up. The idiot driver that cuts you off so they can slam on their breaks and whip into Starbucks – ahead of you! The guy in the cubicle next to yours who hums Lady Gaga all day – dude we can here you even if you can’t hear us… What about waiting for the cable guy – “we will be there between 12 AM and 11:59 PM ma’am.”? During the day our blood pressure fluctuates in a beautiful balance to keep us from being dizzy, bringing oxygen to our organs, and increasing blood flow during exercise. As we mature (I refuse to use the term aging, getting older or long in the tooth, so….) as we mature,our blood pressure increases. In fact, the most common type of high blood [...] Read more

Mr. Mom? Mrs. Dad?

I watched a recent report that the number of stay-at-home dads has doubled in the past 10 years. It made me think about the different parenting dynamics between men and women. As a working mother of 3, I can relate to issues of guilt when taking time for myself. My friends express similar feelings. Women who are stay-at-home moms feel the same even though they spend almost 24/7 withtheir children and may feel it even more. We are hopeless, ladies! Comparing our thinking during a weekend getaway -- my mind wanders to the children; my husband thinks of other things entirely – alone time, quiet dinners and, you know, “alone time”! Sometimes I think we women feel like we have the “corner” on parenting. Being a mom is [...] Read more

What is it about medications?

How many times have you heard women say “I’m just so sensitive to medications”? Maybe you have thought this about yourself. Medication side effects and adverse events are more common in women. As a physician who provides care for women, this is common knowledge. Some may think that women are just more difficult to treat or complain more, but that is not the case. Women are prescribed more medications for various reasons. How many times have you visited a doctor and said you were tired, feeling out of balance, or “something is just wrong”. After talking for a few minutes and maybe some lab testing, you are told “you’re fine” but, since you still feel like something is wrong, you are given a prescription – most likely for an antidepressant or sleeping pill. I mean, if medicine can’t figure [...] Read more

Men and Women Driving: It’s All About the Brain

For women, driving a car is not a spiritual experience. We don’t think “Ooohhhh I get to drive today!” (not if you’re past the age of 16 anyway) When women and men ride together in a car, invariably the male wants to drive. It’s similar to possessing the remote control -- it’s all about power! Men have to be at the wheel. If they are not, they will make you miserable telling you how to get where you are going and how fast you should drive to get there. In fact, for women, since our brains are more likely to be thinking about 6 other things we need to do, driving tends to be a means to an end -- a means to pick up thekids, drop off the kids, go to the grocery store – you get the picture. But a man’s brain works more in a step-wise way. Men like to complete a task then move on to the next [...] Read more

Obesity and Weight Loss: Part 1: Does Being Overweight Impact Jill more than Jack?

This is the first of a series we will post regarding sex and gender differences in weight and weight loss. To set the tone let’s get a global picture of weight in the US, some gender differences in weight gain, and the impact gender + excess weight can have on many chronic diseases. US Gets Larger and Larger at What Cost In 2011 obesity rates ranged from 20.7% in Colorado to 34.9% in Mississippi. For the first time no state in the US had less that 20% rate of obesity and 16 states increased their obesity rates from 2010-2011. The estimated annual US cost of obesity is $147 billion. In the US males and females are equal in rates of obesity at about 35% but worldwide women outnumber men 14% to 10%. Midlife Weight Gain How do you know if you moved [...] Read more

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