Five Ways Women Can Communicate Better with Family, Friends and Healthcare Providers

As women, we have a distinct advantage in communicating with family, friends, coworkers and our healthcare providers. This is by design as our brain centers for language and hearing are more developed than those of men, according to The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brizendine. In total, women have 11 percent more neurons than men in the portion of the brain centered on emotion and memory formation.

Here are some of the distinct advantages of communicating as a woman.

1. Women have ideal verbal agility. This gives women the natural ability to multitask in the midst of juggling all that life affords.
2. Connecting deeply in friendship is easier for women than men. This provides a close-knit network for support and comfort in challenging situations.
3. As women the ability to diffuse conflict is innate. Closely related to this is the ability to solve problems while protecting relationships in the process.
4. Reading tone of voice and faces for emotion comes easier for women than men. As a professional or a family member, this gives her the ability to respond appropriately almost instantaneously.
5. Women are natural givers. For example, most nonprofit organizations are run by women, according to Forbes.

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