Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The holidays are a stressful time. Not only is it a busy time, but also other family members, friends and in-laws are in the mix. There may be times when you want to rip your hair out, but there are some simple solutions. One of the main things to remember is reacting. How you react can change the trajectory of the holidays.
Reacting is reflexive and emotional, and interacting consists of conscious, thoughtful actions. Both of these describe different types of exchanges during these dinnertime holiday get together. If an interaction is negative, what is the common denominator?

Let’s look at the guest list:

- The Diva – This person has feelings of self-importance, takes advantage of others to achieve goals, exaggerates talents and achievements, constant attention, lacks empathy and unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment.

- The Energy-Sucker- These have feelings of emptiness, intolerance of being alone, fear of abandonment, impulsive with money, substance abuse, sexual relationships and displays of inappropriate anger.

- The Worry Wart  - These individuals are constantly seeking reassurance and approval, excessive dramatics or exaggerated emotions, sensitive to criticism, inappropriate seductive behavior, excessive concern of physical appearance, center of attention, and low tolerance for delayed gratification and belief that relationships are more serious than they are.

- The Loner- These lie/steal and cheat, with no regard for the safety of others, never feels guilty and is angry and manipulative.

Stay tuned for next week and we’ll discuss how to deal with some of these aspects.

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