Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Part 2

In the first blog, we set the guest-list: The Diva, The Worry Wart, The Loner and the Energy Sucker. These are just four types of guests who could come to your dinner. Most of us know at least one of these.

So, how do we avoid conflict?

The key is to recognize the type of person you are dealing with. It’s easy to want to mark your place or step up to defend yourself, but the second step is to resist engagement. By resisting engagement, you are controlling the YOU factor. As you may have guessed, avoiding conflict is the next step followed by self- preservation. Be sure to handle yourself and the guest list will follow.

Do not think you have to do everything either. Defenses are down during the holidays with an increase in alcohol, less sleep and more interaction with people you generally would not have contact with. Be mindful of these factors to avoid the inevitable family blow out.

Stay tuned for part 3 – Health decisions during the holidays

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