Her “Moodal” Cycle Cycle: What It Is and Why You Need to Know About It

In the book, Eat Like a Woman (ELAW), author Staness Janekos and I work to give you the science behind the differences between men and women in the nutritional needs and healthy lifestyle habits. One of the greatest things about the book is the connection of a woman’s brain and her gut. Based on research, I have been telling my patients for years about Her “Moodal” Cycle and we include this in ELAW. Her “Moodal” Cycle is based on the following “truisms.”

1. Women don’t sleep as well as men. You can read about these in scientific papers or find it demonstrated in your own bedroom. A woman’s brain wakes up as soon as her mouth says goodnight. The fact is more than 60 million women are sleep deprived getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night.

2. A sleep deprived woman will not lose weight. Why? Because sleep loss leads to increases in stress hormones (cortisol) and leptin (hunger hormone) and lowering of the brain’s neurochemicals that give us energy (serotonin). This is a recipe for disaster on our waistline. It contributes to weight gain and the dreaded “menopot” belly.

3. Food cravings are tied to hormones. Once neurochemicals, like serotonin are out of whack, we get tired, depressed, moody and crave foods. I’m not talking about healthy mood elevating foods like eggs and spinach, I’m talking those yummy “mood foods” like chocolate, chips, ice cream that make us feel safe and comforted.

4. Women have a strong mind gut connection. Once you are exhausted from lack of sleep, pumping out stress hormones, getting moody and throwing down junk food, your thyroid can be stressed as well as your ovaries. This happens because all of your hormonal organs are connected. Yes that’s right. Your brain, thyroid adrenal glands and ovaries are all wired together. After a short circuit in this system you can say hello to 10, 20, or 30 extra pounds or more?

Her “Moodal” Cycle is a viscous, exhausting weight gain path. Are you stuck in the Her “Moodal” Cycle? Find out how to break out in Eat Like a Woman.

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