One in Three Cases of Domestic Violence is Against Men

Domestic violence usually starts with erosive emotional and psychological abuse and escalates to physical violence.  Domestic violence against men is not often talked about.  However, the statistics estimate that this type of violence occurs in about one of three cases.

Men are highly reluctant to report abuse by women out of fear and embarrassment.  Men often fear they will be seen as lying, covering up their own abusive behavior or weak. An abusive wife or partner may verbally and emotionally abuse their mate.  They may use physical violence against the person or destroy his possessions.  Abusive women may use the children as pawns to cause fear that the children will be kept from him or harmed. Domestic violence against men generally begins with verbal abuse and intimidation. 

Domestic violence also affects one in four women in the United States.  In these situations, not only the women but also the children experience long lasting trauma effects and frequently psychological immobilization, which prevents them from leaving the situation and removing the children.  Women often fear reporting the abuse or attempting to escape, as they believe that the abuser is all-powerful and will retaliate with even greater harm.
Most abuse begins subtly and grows in intensity and psychological denigration.  The man may be manipulated to stay through threats of suicide.  By the time violence is initiated, the man may be lacking in esteem and blaming himself, reducing his ability to defend himself or seek help. 

Expert advice and help is available immediately to both men and women through The National Domestic Violence Hotline. Expert support and advice through such organizations addresses the needs of both men and women alike. Information is provided on how to seek help to escape such abusive situations and to get help for all parties involved.

From Kaye Renshaw, Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with men and women who have been abused.

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