Know the Differences is designed to raise awareness that sex and gender should be considered in all areas of healthcare and research. 

Providing sex and gender health information and resources is an important part of Know the Differences mission. 

Sex and gender matters to everyones health. Patients can’t ask the proper health questions without the correct knowledge. 

When researchers make the effort to study males and females, they often find dramatic differences. Sometimes they
find there is no difference -- which is okay, too. However, the ”one size fits all” model of today’s healthcare needs to change.

The first step in knowing is learning. 


Dr. Marjorie Jenkins has been practicing Sex and Gender Medicine for ten years in an academic setting. The mother of three children and an active clinician, her passion is providing the best care for everyone. She believes that the only way to provide the best care is to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE and apply it to patient care to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.